Giant | Earn 3x Gas Points on Visa Gift Card purchase

Giant has an offer for 3X gas points on Visa Gift cards now through July 20, 2017!  Earn 3X gas points when you purchase any Visa Gift card with your Bonus Card.  Regardless of the amount, each card has a $5.95 fee. To offset this fee and end up with the biggest moneymaker, buy the $500 gift card.

This deal is calculated on a 25-gallon fuel fill up, one vehicle only, but you may use gas cans to get your full 25 gallons.

The Deal:

Buy 1 $500 Visa Gift card (use the gift card anywhere)
Pay $505.95 ($5.95 activation fee)
Receive 1500 gas reward points!

$500 x 3 = 1500 points = $1.50 off per gallon x 25 gallons equals $37.50 in gas. The activation fee is $5.95 — so this is a $31.55 money maker! After purchasing your card you may buy groceries or pay any bill that normally accepts Visa.

You can purchase the gift card using a credit card at Giant.





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