Frontier Barn Quilt Trail of Fulton County

This time of year is often filled with a scenic drive throughout Pennsylvania to view the spectacular fall foliage of our region.  Fall foliage color in Pennsylvania’s southern region was at its peak while visiting Fulton County this weekend.  The scenic drive allowed us to discover the barn quilts, special roadside gems tucked in among the beautiful rural countryside.

The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail of Fulton County consists of a trail of barn quilts throughout the agricultural landscape and small towns.  Wooden barn quilt squares are brightly colored and painted to look like a quilt block.  They are usually based on traditional patterns with individual influences making them unique to each property and community.

Featured are just a few barn quilts we came upon while traveling the Great Cove Trail along 522.

#7 Laurel Leaves of Peace


#37 Raking up Fall Festival Memories


#20 Patriot’s Star


#32 Starry Mountain Farm


#6 Becky’s Own


#22 Farmers Delight


#18 Georgetown Star


#38 Mill Wheel



As you take your drive and view the scenic countryside, you may wish to stop at Burnt Cabins Historic Grist Mill.  This operating mill produces cornmeal, buckwheat, whole wheat and rye flour.  It is also home to the Ye Olde Mill Campground.


Inside the Ye Olde Mill Store you will find a variety of Burnt Cabins Grist Mill Mixes & Flours.



To download a trail map or brochure to plan your trip, visit The Frontier Barn Quilt Trail website.  Take your time, pack a lunch or better yet, stop at a local country store or diner to enjoy some local flavors.

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