Etsy Shops Local to Shippensburg, PA

Online marketplace Etsy provides year-round access to thousands of crafters and artists selling beautiful things!  All of these shops listed below are run by South Central PA residents who responded to our search for local Etsy shops on our Facebook page. The shops listed range from jewelry, to textile, to artwork and design, to soaps, to furniture.

Consider supporting an Etsy shop run by local residents!

1. The Soap Shed Dry Run, PA


2.  Redbeard Rustics Shippensburg, PA


3.  The Paisley Cottage II



4.  Silent Emotions  Shippensburg, PA


5.  LP Cards and More Store


6.  Prims ‘n Posies Shippensburg, PA

This shop is currently working on orders and will be reopening to new orders soon.


7.  Milady’s Wish Crochet Shippensburg, PA



If you live in or around Shippensburg and have an Etsy shop, contact us to get on the list.


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