Greene Township Park | Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

Greene Township Municipal Park, 996 Elevator Street, Scotland has an outdoor ice skating rink to enjoy over the winter months. Use of the rink will be open daily to the public from dawn to dusk.  UPDATE:  The risk is closed as of January 8.

greene township park signSkating is FREE and done at one’s own risk. Participants must bring their own skates. No organized events are permitted at this time. Proper safety gear should be worn at all times, especially for children.

If the ice isn’t safe for skating, the township closes the rink and puts out a red stop sign.

The outdoor skating rink is weather and temperature dependent, so please check their Facebook Page for updates and information over the coming days and months.

Safety Rules from the Greene Township, Franklin County Website

Entering and Exiting the Rink – Use designated area for entering and exiting the rink. Enter and exit quickly so as to keep the designated area clear. Do not climb over walls. Always wear ice skates when entering the rink, as the dirt from your shoes can damage both the ice and the blades of other skaters.

While Skating – Always skate in the direction of traffic, which is usually counter-clockwise but which may change midway through a skating session. Don’t skate faster than you can control. If you are a new skater, skate close to the boards at the side of the rink so you can stay out of the way of other skaters and also so you can slow or stop quickly if necessary. Keep an eye on the skaters ahead of you, who may not be able to see you coming.

Groups – Avoid skating in groups of more than two people. Never hold hands with more than one other person; creating chains of skaters may be fun, but it is dangerous to new skaters in the chain and to other people on the rink. Never carry another person, especially a child; if you lose your balance or are bumped, both of you may be injured.


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