Giant Wooden Slide | Rocky Ridge, MD

Recently Ship Saves visited the Big Wooden Slide which sits in Mount Tabor Park at Rocky Ridge, Maryland.  This huge wooden slide with bumps provides for more fun than you might imagine!


ALL ages can slide on burlap or carpet remnants which are provided at the bottom.  We opted to bring towels from home to ride down which offered a more controlled slide.  For us, a burlap ride ended in cloud of sawdust, placed at the base to soften the landing.

There is a small playground next to the slide suitable for younger children.  In addition, the park provides a picnic area with pavilions, so pack a lunch and hang out for a while.  It is free to visit the park and the big slide.

The Mount Tabor Park, 13616 Motters Station Rd, Rocky Ridge, Maryland, is open from dawn to dusk.  The partially enclosed slide is owned by the Mount Tabor Lutheran and United Church of Christ in Rocky Ridge, and was built in 1950 by volunteers from the church and local community.

While this slide provides much needed good old fashioned fun, please proceed with caution, obey the rules, and slide in a seated position only.




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